Katy Perry

I know her album has been out a while, but I haven't heard any of her songs other than "I Kissed A Girl" until now. I'm totally loving her album. Go Katy!


Videos from My Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Here are some videos from my October 2008 cruise aboard the Grandeur of the Seas.

In St. Thomas, we saw a parrot show. The parrots are very talented!

In a speed boat on the way to Samana, Dominican Republic.

Dragon's Breath in Labadee, Haiti. It sounds like a dragon breathing when the waves hit the rocks.

What happens on a cruise ship doesn't stay on a cruise ship. For the game Qwest, one man from each team had to put on a woman's bra (which they got from a female team member) properly, lipstick, and a purse and then paraded around the South Pacific Lounge led by Simeon Baker, Cruise Director. What some people will do for a paper crown. *shaking head*

Pool was closed as the sea was pretty rough. Inside the Solarium.

At sea.

My cabin.

Towel bat. I miss my nightly towel animals.



I went to the George Michael Concert on July 29 and it was AMAZING!!!! He looked fabulous, sounded fantastic--just an all-around great time. He didn't have any fancy costumes (in fact, except for one costume change late in the show when he put on a cop uniform for "Outside" he wore the same thing the whole time), backup dancers, gimmicks--just him singing. This has got to be the best concert I've been to. It was better than Spice Girls and I love my Girls.

I totally heart George Michael. :-)